Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

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Responsible Ways to Remove Some of the Environment Burden

Many business want to make an effort to go green and remove some of the environmental burden they place on the world. However, it can be difficult to know where to start. Xerox is an industry leader in helping businesses minimize their environmental footprint. Here are some tips for reducing your business’ environmental impact without major expense.

Waste Reduction

Cut back on the amount of paper and other items you throw away. Consider switching to a digital document system to reduce paper waste. This also cuts back on the amount of ink, toner and other items you use.

Sustainable Materials

When you have to use paper and other office supplies, make sure they come from a sustainable source. A great place to start is with printers that use less toner or use a toner alternative. You can also make sure that paper and plastic supplies you buy are recycled or from sustainable sources.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances are a great way to remove some of the environmental burden since they also save your office money in the long run. Check the EnergyStar rating on printers, copiers and other office machines that you buy.

Let us help you make a plan to remove some of the environmental burden. Contact us today for more ideas and advice.